Walk with me!

My personal inquiry is guided by my persuasion, as supported by Cranton, that “learning to teach not only grows out of abstract study, but also out of practical experience and reflection on that experience over time.  Ideally, we read about teaching, think about it, discuss it with colleagues, try it out in our own practice, adjust it, read some more, try it out again, and eventually find our own style and way of being a teacher.” (Cranton, 2000, p. 1).  This forum will summarize the iterative process of finding my own style and way of being a teacher, facilitator and adult educator. 

I am also of the opinion, as Mezirow proposed in his transformative learning theory, “that an individual learns when her perception of reality is ‘not in harmony with’ experience.” (Mezirow, 1977, 1981).  Each time something new is encountered it is integrated with what is already known and framed to make some meaning; then the validity of beliefs and perspectives that were “uncritically assimilated” – those we accepted from our family, community, or culture, without ever questioning – is challenged.  Change, growth and movement – the essence of transformative learning – guides my personal inquiry and here I will document my engagement in critical reflection and critical self-reflection to unearth my habits of mind and assumptions as an adult educator in order to achieve harmony and congruence with my philosophies and actions. 

Walk with me!  Let’s see where this journey takes me.


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  1. glad I took the journey back to this first post! this is an amazing blog, and your working with/through theory is quite provocative… thanks for sharing…


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