Power & Pedagogy in Higher Education – Journal #5

Long before I knew
of Knowles and Mezirow
I knew him
Before I could articulate
on principles and theories
we were friends
When his audience was
indifferent I listened
and heard
I was his companion
in loneliness
When they said,
“throw out this heretic
with his books and ideas!”
I took him in
“This subverter of peace
charms only with his phrases;
he must be gone,” they said
So, we left together, he and I
because I knew him.


2 Responses

  1. this is well done– I am delighted to see you exploring different forms of expression.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed my reflective romp through your reflective ride.

  2. form and content… content and form… and so well integrated a quote, I don’t imagine it would get more poetic and academic at the same time!

    nicely done…

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