Power & Pedagogy in Higher Education – Journal #8

The contradiction:  I see it; I concur; I profess; I do nothing different.  It’s a contradiction to assent intellectually and practice otherwise.

Water is a vital element of our existence.   In some parts of the world they have little or none.  I grieve over their plight.  I know that it is irresponsible to waste it but my long, hot showers are the way I indulge myself.

I lead a dichotomous existence when I feel powerless to make a change that I know is necessary.  The grief of vulnerability and helplessness is too much, so I turn off my mind and numb myself into emotional unconsciousness to survive.

It’s a contradiction:  dying while living.

I assent without conviction; then there is no call to action and no commitment.  Nothing has changed because nothing has changed.


One Response

  1. in the contradiction
    lies the hope

    Bertoit Brecht

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