Power & Pedagogy in Higher Education – Journal #11

Role Call

6:00 a.m.  Overslept again.

5° C.  Armpit 102.5° F.

9:00 a.m. meeting.  Late train.

Morning coffee in the boardroom.

Where’s John.  Missed the elevator.

Take the stairs.


6:00 p.m.  Late meeting.

Rush hour. 

Thermometer 97 degrees.  Two painkillers.

Game time 6:30 p.m.  Where’s dad?

Suit, tie, briefcase and hotdog.


1:00 p.m.  Congregation full.

Motorcade stretch.  Hearse in tow.

Last Amen.  Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.  Where’s John?

Dead silence.




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