Power & Pedagogy in Higher Education – Journal #3

“… I always have a crisis of meaning, I begin to wonder what my life is all about and what I have been put on this earth to do.” (Hooks, 1994) This is what Bell Hooks describes as her feeling or state of mind each time she finishes a project and gets ready to turn her attention to another one. It’s almost as if the previous project was a “call to action” that was answered and having fulfilled that call to action, something inside turns and asks “what next?”

Academic Research and Critical Reflection in Adult Education, Brock’s ADED 4F35, pulled on me emotionally, socially and intellectually. I have always been a thinker, very reflective. But I found myself being even more so during that class as we moved through the sessions. The sessions provoked a lot of thought for me. It could have gone either way. I knew I came to the table with some subjective concerns but I was objective enough to know that my peers came to the table with their own issues and they were not to be the object of my off scouring or me theirs. The discomfort I felt about the social ills that plagued our neighbourhoods, our cities, our countries, our world – those that were often then inevitably reflected in the classroom – were not necessarily their doing. They were at the table just as I was, reading, reflecting, and reasoning and just as eager for change in their own way. We all wanted change, with our unique spin and perspective on the ills of the day.

We all want change but nothing changes until something changes. This is why a revolution of values is imperative, a revolution that starts with one – me or you. Everyone can ponder it, reason it, discuss it and define it all they want. But until someone begins to do something different, nothing will be different. It will only be a dream that never becomes reality although it is in our grasp. Change is just beyond the most uncomfortable and painful moment and it is the fear of feeling and experiencing this pain and discomfort that keeps us right here, in this moment of status quo.

Every aspect of society – from politics to religion to education is family – is wrought with power structures that are maintained to someone’s benefit and to someone else’s disadvantage. I am looking around and examining some of those and wondering of the genesis of those; taking the journey to where it began and what has kept it going until now. Then, of necessity, as part of this experience I am asking myself “why am I curious about it now?” And here is another question, “why am I blogging and putting my private thoughts out there?” I am a very private, introverted and introspective individual, so why am I baring my soul to whoever will read? Aaaahh! Yes! I remember, it was about the journey. This exercise is for my journey!


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