Power & Pedagogy in Higher Education – Journal #1

I just finished a course that involved a lot of thought and critical reflection. I found it quite exciting but unsettling sometimes as I listened to the perspectives of others and examined by own unquestioned assumptions. I felt that I had gained a lot of knowledge and experience, enough to continue to effect change and continuous improvement and revision in me forever. Now I am intrigued by some stated rationale in this new course. For instance, this one, that “reading is the necessary but not sufficient means of learning. You must also puzzle over new material and share your wonderings with a learning community.” Right away I am feeling a sense of deja vu and here we go again. I honestly thought that this half-credit course would be easy but knowing me, it is going to draw on me in many ways and I will be going through the cycle again — deeply. I won’t escape this one untouched and unaffected. That’s what I’m thinking. So I muster up the mental forces, jumped right into my learning community and, as Jean Luc Picard would say, “Engage!”

One of the stated premises of this course also challenged me, I felt. “Teaching and learning are political activities, so you will be challenged to connect to the politics of everyday life.” Right away I thought, “What if I don’t want to?”


2 Responses

  1. ah, well, Mr. Data, sometimes you can do everything right and still lose.

    that’s a joke…

    what if you don’t want to… hmmm; dissonance is one of the best ways to ” rise above your program” ( with thanks to Data again)

    if you are a trekkie, we are both in big trouble.

  2. We are in trouble!

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