Pro Choice

A headline in the newspaper a few days ago read “… from rock star to vegan crusader”.  It made me think.  When individuals set out to launch a “crusade” for something that is clearly a matter of choice, the “choice” element is changed.  Their act as crusader or advocate serves to influence me.  So, then it is no longer just my choice; it’s possibly me under the influence of the crusader.  He’s probably examined me and concluded that his level of consciousness is higher than mine, so he feels duty-bound to try and convert me.  But is that such a bad thing?  I guess the other alternative would be for him to live out his choice and allow me to observe and make my own choice.  I may still be influenced by him indirectly, having observed his actions.  But it would be my choice. 

I am tempted to label parents who “make” their children do certain things as “crusaders” as well but I know that it is the way.  Parents are duty-bound to rear their children as independent thinkers, to teach them to honor their own spirits and respect those with whom they share the planet.  Parents often have to think and make decisions for their children.  But it is hoped that when children are old enough they will be able to cipher through situations for themselves.  We have to wonder though if there are really any “my” choices — any decisions that we make without the influence of others — positive or negative. 

I think the crusader would be well within his duty to intervene if my choice benefitted only me and negatively impacted those around me; not just to the point of discomfort or intellectual unrest but harm.


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